“Seadrift vs. The Big Guy” presents the viewer not only with an involving look at a group of very determined sports enthusiasts taking on a daunting physical challenge, but also a technological tour de force of digital filmmaking. The combination of video formats from cell phone to eyewear to 4K is impressively successful, demonstrating that source material can come from any perspective both subjectively from the participants and objectively from observers.

This allows the point of view of those directly experiencing the event to become as important as the cinematography of the filmmaker.

The result is that only the editorial selection of the shots the documentarian chooses to include sets the parameters of the ultimate communication, rather than the limitations of his or her production capabilities. In my opinion, by demonstrating the unlimited potential of multiple video formats, this “Seadrift vs. The Big Guy” is a landmark in the future potential of documentary filmmaking.

Jay Ankeney – TVTechnology Magazine

“Seadrift vs The Big Guy” was such a great film. The camera angles and the way the film was shot you feel like you are on the journey with him. Wonderful experience and can’t wait to see what these guys do next!

Brett Cullen – Actor “Dark Knight Rises” “Red Dawn” “42” “Person of Interest”

“A plethora of psyched-up participant interviews open the documentary.
Their enthusiasm is infectious and made me want to buy a boat and drive it to
Texas despite an experienced paddler specifically advising against such a silly idea.

Jeff’s helmet-mounted GoPro cam along with other boat-mounted cams make quite a splash on the screen.
You’ll feel like you’re right in the river with ’em.

If you’re considering this or any race, or if you’re just looking for a little fun
and inspiration in general, give “Seadrift vs. the Big Guy” a watch.”

Ross Anthony – Hollywood Report Card – Los Angeles, California

“Seadrift vs The Big Guy” is the latest in a long line of skilled efforts from digital film pioneer Randall Dark. Equally proficient producing feature films or documentaries, Dark covers the quirky action of Seadrift with steady hand and his trademark wry humor.

The movie is shot with a mixed bag of digital acquisition formats that lends an intimate voice to the movie’s timeless story. “Seadrift vs The Big Guy” is a worthy testament to the rowdy Texan in all of us.

Scott Billups – Author “Digital Moviemaking” – Visual Effects Supervison

In Seadrift vs The Big Guy – the camera angles inspire and the 4K Ultra HD footage will go a long way in pushing this next generation of video resolution. Randall is somewhat of a celebrity among major TV brands. The Seadrift trailer is damn funny and knowing what I know “You will laugh and you will cry.”

Julie Jacobson – Editor CE Pro Magazine

Excellent focus on the spirit of the race, especially with those that train hard and actually race to win. The Big Guy represents all of us who would never actually do something like this!! By the time the documentary ends, you are cheering for the participants, crying for the fallen, and putting next year’s race on your calendar. The first question you may have is, “Why would anyone do this?” That question is answered, and the race is on. Who will win? That answer will surprise you. The cinematography is excellent. Numerous camera angles and innovative camera equipment provide every possible angle, including underwater shots. Enjoy, and have fun with it. Don’t get wet!

Le Keough – IMDB